Showering needn’t be a boring routine. Do not limit yourself to conventionality - create a place for pleasant relaxation precisely according to your wishes. Showers can be configured in many ways. Choose your optimal solution and combine elements to your perfect satisfaction. We have a solution for every need.

Safety glass panelling: 6 mm, and height: 190 cm

Walk-in Shower Screens

The Walk-In shower screens are the only ones that truly adapt to your needs. It comprises several possible combinations of safety-glass panels and is stabilised with elegant metal bars and fixing profiles which do not disturb the aesthetic purity of the design.

The screen will look its best directly on the floor with a built in draining groove or floor drain. It highlights the beauty of the ceramic floor tiling and will not limit your creativity when planning the size of your shower .

 They allow a comfortably large space and invite the incorporation of other relaxation tools such as a hydromassage panel,, folding seats or rain shower heads.


All models of Walk-In shower screens are available in Chrome, Black, White and Gold design



Shower Screens and Shower Doors

Up to two-metre wide shower doors are suitable, for example, for the showering together of two loved ones, whereas quadrant shower enclosures designed mainly for smaller bathrooms.

Those  offer different options: Four-part quadrant sliding shower enclosure, Shower corner four-part sliding, Two-part sliding shower door and the conservative folding door, this system also allows maximum possible width of the entrance. The shower door folds to the inside, so that water does not drip outside the shower area after showering.


Available frame in White, Bright Alluminium and Satin

Pivot Showers door

Pivot showers door, with diferent dimensions. It provides the left- or right-handed door opening option, it installed in a tiled corner of the bathroomon on the shower trays or directly on the floor with a built-in drain channel or floor drain.


Design of frame, hinges and handles: white/chrome, white/white, satin, Bright Alluminum and Black



Shower screens for atypical situation

Do you have a non-standard bathroom?

we will prepare an individual solution  for your bathroom.




A bathtub need not be only for bathing. Use a bathtub screen and comfortably shower while standing up without splashing water over the entire bathroom we offers a wide range of different models of bathtub screens

Bathtub screens prevent the splashing of water on the floor, so your bathroom remains dry and safe after showering. A bathtub with a screen will be appreciated not only by adults, but especially by children who love to splash. Bathtub screens also enable comfortable showering while standing up.

Fixed Bathtub Screens


Perfectly sealed to the wall with a vertical profile; the smooth surface of clear frameless glass is easily cleaned.



Movable Bathtub Screens

Thanks to a pivot column, its movable part can be opened into the inner space or outwards. The width of the fixed part respects the depth of standard washbasins, so the screen can be pushed immediately to it.

If you want to see all the bathtubs and shower enclosures please click on the link below